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Excite Cebu Bloggers

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Excite Cebu Bloggers-(L-R) Hiro, Mikio, Rarusu Gem

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What is Excite Cebu? (

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A Japanese Cebu Magazine websiteExcite Cebu is an online magazine that introduces local information articles, reviews, and write-ups about Cebu in Japanese. It serves as their online guide to go about Cebu. It showcases interesting things about Cebu and it’s famous local spots and also highlights the uniqueness of Cebu that would invite more Japanese to come to Cebu.

The Excite Cebu Bloggers:

1) Mikio (Makino, Mikio Jr.)

– Filipino-Japanese
– Born in Chiba, Japan. Lives in the Philippines in about 5 years.
– Graduated from International Academy Of Film And Television last 2009.
– Work as Cinematographer, Camera Operator in Feature Films, Short Films and Commercials since 2006.
– Established Dreamline Productions on 2010. Co-producer of “My Paranormal Romance” (2011).

See Mikio’s Articles at Excite Cebu HERE.

2) Hiro (Furukawa, Tomohiro)

– Native Japanese
– From Chiba, Japan. Lives in Cebu for about 5 months and currently studying at the University of San Carlos.
– Graduated from IH Vancouver, Vancouver, British Columbia.
– Passionate Travel Blogger at

See Hiro’s Articles at Excite Cebu HERE.

3) Rarusu Chin Gem (Rosales, Gem Christela)

– Pure Cebuana who can speak and write in Japanese.
– Graduated from University of San Carlos
– Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) Level N3 Certified (2011)
– Treasurer/Officer, Association of Nihongo Teachers Visayas(ANTV)
– Devoted Jap-Fil Events Blogger at Japan Heart Cebu
– Photography Enthusiast at Rarusu Chin

See Rarusu Gem’s Articles at Excite Cebu HERE.

4) Shiho (Arai, Shiho)

– Native Japanese
– From Tokyo, Japan.
– Lives in Cebu for about a year.
– Hardworking Japanese Staff in a Japanese Travel Agency.

See Shiho’s Articles at Excite Cebu HERE.

5) Mami (Tomitaka, Mami)

– Native Japanese
– From Chiba, Japan.
– Lives in Cebu for about 3 years.
– Passionate in diving and the most bubbly diver that you can be with. (Make your diving More FUN in the Philippines with Mami♥)

See Mami’s Articles at Excite Cebu HERE.

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