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こちらではCEBU Englishのご案内させていただきます。

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Video’s ENGLISH TRANSLATION by RarusuChin:

CEBU ENGLISH~!! Affordable ENGLISH Study and much more~!
As an English study agency in Cebu, from Cebu attractions to sightseeings, Cebu English have a whole lot more to offer!

To anyone who eagerly wants to learn English, CEBU ENGLISH strongly recommends to have your study here at the Cebu Island of the Philippines~!
Its affordability, high quality, excellent level in English proficiency, and its good number of world-class resorts here are just some of the reasons why we recommend Cebu~!

From 50,000 to 75,000 Pesos only, you can avail intensive day-by-day English study!
It could either be a 1 to 1 class, Group class, and more~!
Here in Cebu, English is considered as an official language and it’s widely used even in the streets~!
Philippines is the nearest English speaking country from Japan. Access to the Philippines is really convenient with just about 4 hours of direct flight. And plus! the superb beaches, tropical island, world famous tourist spots and everything good is in Cebu!

As it is surrounded by sea, you can enjoy marine sports especially diving even for the whole year round…
Plus! shopping at malls, soothing spas, historical architectural spots, and a lot more places to see and enjoy!
So during your break time from study, here in Cebu, surely you can easily refresh your mind, body, and soul isn’t?

Cebu have a good number of schools, famous universities, and a lot of good students are gathered here. So its no doubt that teachers here in Cebu are well educated college graduates and highly competent professionals! Cebu is a city rich of English study centers, and thus also have lot of highly competent ESL schools. You can choose yourself, among the options of the best schools in Cebu..with the help and support from Cebu English!

Cebu English Office is situated in the island of Cebu. The Staffs of the CEBU ENGLISH are mostly Japanese.
With the motto of “offering reasonable , ‘absolutely no worries’, and genuine support.”
Cebu English strong point is absolutely Cebu itself!

That’s why…

1) We offer the latest news, school activities, and updates direct and straight from the source!

2) Direct local support during your stay and study

3) We send out information such us Cebu events, activities, and etc. that makes your stay and study fun!

As a support to students, at your service, at a very reasonable price!

More importantly, information about ESL schools and other concerns are easily updated. And Cebu English is affiliated only with the best and accredited ESL schools. Visits and meetings with the Heads of these ESL schools are done regularly.

Compared to other English study agencies…its clear that Cebu English is No. 1! Because our cooperation with these ESL schools are strong, and together we can back you up anytime during your stay here as a student.

If we have to find an office in Cebu…its Cebu English! The service is carried out smoothly and without delay.
Plus! Pick-ups and sending off at the airport, counselings, mail support system will be handled by a Japanese staff.

Especially in emergencies, Cebu English and the Japanese staff of the school will cooperate for your support.
For example, if your electronic dictionary broke down during your stay in Cebu, you can anytime consult your problem with us!
Dictionary book rentals and electronic dictionary for sale, are some of the services offered to our clients.

Other services are rentals for cellphones that can be used in the Philippines, lamps for studying, discounts and etc.
Also, on the day of your arrival here in Cebu, we give out items that are useful on your first day here in Cebu.
So it could be a school with a Japanese staff or a school with a few Japanese students only, its up to you to choose!

And for total enjoyment of your stay and study here in cebu, we always deliver to you information on events that happens in every place in Cebu island. Such as island hopping, Cebu’s famous tourist spots, English group studies, and many more activities that you can join.

So everyone, let’s make your English language study happy and fun-filled with Cebu English~!

Let us meet here in Cebu~ we will be waiting for you~!

As for Filipinos who have Japanese friends who are planning to have English study here in Cebu. Please DO Share this POST now! 🙂

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