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ラルスGEM|Rarusu Chin


RARUSU is latin for RARE in the Japanese Language,  

RARE is associated with → , which is read as CHIN

combined then its Rarusu Chin,

because I’m the one and only unique ME~♪


♫Rarusu Chin GEM is…♫

★currently residing in Cebu, Philippines
★University of San Carlos graduate
★Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) Level N3 Certified (2011)
★writer at
★Treasurer/Officer, Association of Nihongo Teachers Visayas(ANTV)
★a Filipin♀ who l♥ves to study Japanese Language and its Culture.
★wants coffee in every meal
★born adventurer/traveler
★proudly and happily writes (in both English and Japanese language) about Cebu events, shopping centers, restaurants, beaches, and anything that showcases why… its more FUN in CEBU Philippines♪!




★サンカルス大学 卒業


Uppermost Photo Credits to Jerminix

TWITTER: @rarusuchin



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