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…where Japanese and Cebuanos share about Cebu.

How JAPAN♥CEBU started?
It’s been years now ever since Cebu and Japan started a good relationship. And every year Japanese tourists keeps coming back here in Cebu for business, leisure, and most of all… as a recent trend, the booming of Japanese students coming in with long stays to take English courses.

The author, Rarusu Chin, worked as a researcher and writer/blogger on Cebu information such as events, activities, recommendation of good places to eat, places to shop, beach resorts to go, tourist spots to see, and anything that showcases about the interesting things about Cebu. Eventually, Rarusu Chin grew fond of her job and found the joy of writing.

And because there are still a lot of things that she wanted to write about Cebu… that she couldn’t write about on her work. So this is how JAPANCEBU began.


What’s in JAPANCEBU?

-shows how Japanese relates with Cebuano & Filipino culture, and how Cebuanos & Filipinos relates with Japanese Culture as well.
-Cebu events, and any interesting information that both Cebuanos and Japanese can enjoy together, plan activities together, and share together.
-Japanese lessons and anything that relates with language study.
-posts could be written in both English and Japanese. As this would also serves as an archive of information that Cebuanos and Japanese could easily share among with their friends… either it could be Japanese or to a native Cebuano.

from Rarusu Chin , Special THANKS to:

First of all, I’m grateful to my Creator who has blessed me skills of writing, knowledge and understanding with such a difficult language “Japanese”. And I would like to thank my Family and Friends, and people who supported me in making this possible. Kudos! to people helping me with my Japanese composition… my personal Top editors Bruce, Kenji, and Mami, and with my ongoing Japanese language studies… my Mentors in which so many of them to mention. Thank you.

And to you! Thank you for taking time in reading this blog. I’m hoping for your next visit and more visits to come. I would appreciate more if you could also share this to a friend. I hope to have a good relation with you as a reader or as a fellow blogger as well in days to come. Enjoy! Happy reading~! 🙂

VISIT JAPANCEBU Facebook Page:…and please care to ♥~! 😉

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