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2012/07/26 / Gem R. Zhang

What Type of Chara are you?|Find out your Inner Anime Characteristics

We came across something interesting online. That had unintentionally put out a spark again to our Anime love senses (too busy now to be watching Anime recently #guilty). This one is similar with the usual Horoscope guide. But this one does not involved the Greek or Roman gods and the celestial bodies, but it relates to different Anime personalities such as the moe types, timid types, bully types… the ones to which we usually encounter in Animes isn’t? Oh the those unforgettable Anime characters of contrasts personalities really added flavours to Anime! 😀

Cracked a laugh when we got to go over the chart, and we pictured out Anime characters that we are familiar of. And Anime characters that have the exact personality with it (associating…haha). So we also got to know each of our own characteristics and surprisingly… “Oh… i guess you’re a little similar with Akane-san of Ranma 1/2″? Which we think of more likely to be a “Yandare” type 🙂

So what type of Chara are you? What Anime character who is similar with the same type of Chara with you? 😉

Find Your Inner Chara-Type!

Dec 22 – Jan 19 Yandere (ヤンデレ)cute on the outside, scary possessive and/or obsessive on the inside
Jan 20 – Feb 19 Megane♀ / Meganekko♂(メガネ/メガネッコ)intelligent or at least hard-working and attractive to all of Asia
Feb 20 -March 20 Moe(萌え)nauseatingly cute, they make others wasn’t to protect or molest them; most likely masochistic
April 21-May 20 Tsundere(ツンデレ)cold and even hostile on the outside, lonely and dependent on the inside
May 21-June 21 Kichiku♂(鬼畜)hot and sexually aggressive to the point of kinkily abusive; definitely an “S” type
June 22-July 22 Burikko♀(ブリッコ)speaks, acts and dresses like a child so as to appear cute to the disgust of many women
July 23-Aug 23 Ouji♂/Ojou♀(王子/お娘)elite, intelligent, incredibly rich, and seemingly perfect in every way; also has their own fan-club
Aug 24-Sept 22 Bishounen♂/Bishoujo♀(美少年/美少女)feminine in their breathtaking attractiveness, flowers bloom when they smile
Sept 23-Oct 22 Hikikomori(引き籠もり)after being bullied/ born socially inept, they confine themselves to their house or room for years
Oct 23-Nov 22 Dandere(ダンデレ)ultra-shy to the point of looking emotionless until alone with someone they trust or like
Nov 23-Dec 21 Dojikko(ドッジっ娘)a good-intentioned klutz; most likely a teacher, waitress, childhood friend or robotic genius

Photo Credit: Kuroshitsuji Zodiac Photo by Scented Tea


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