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2012/06/27 / Gem R. Zhang

Japan Festival Cebu 2012 Schedule and Activities

⇒August 11, 2012 SAT 2PM-6PM
⇒August 12, 2012 SUN 2PM-6PM

Ayala Activity Center Cebu


Date Time Event
11-Aug 2:00 PM Wakodaiko
11-Aug 2:30 PM  Karate
11-Aug 3:00 PM Classical Japanese dance
11-Aug 4:00 PM Yosakoi battle
11-Aug 5:15 PM Wakodaiko
11-Aug 5:30 PM  Awaodori
Date Time Event
12-Aug 2:00 PM Cosplay
12-Aug 3:00 PM Song contest
12-Aug 4:30 PM Karate
12-Aug 5:00 PM Wakodaiko

Description of Activities

Wakodaiko (Japanese Traditional Drum)The “Wakoutaiko” a drum group from Wakou City (a city near Tokyo) of Saitama, will be performing the “Wakoudaiko” in high volume and intensifying strength that would shake the entire Ayala mall. Their performance is known and highly appreciated overseas for 30 years and running.
Aug 11 SAT at 2PM & 5:15PM(1st performance); Aug 12 SUN at 5PM(2nd performance)

Awaodori (Japanese Traditional Folk Dance) – The “Awaodori” dance.represents Japan and it will be one of the highlighting events. Consists of 70 volunteers of both Japanese and Filipinos, which will be danced on the spot around the event area(NOTE: Anyone from the audience can join the dance on the spot).
Aug 11 SAT at 5:30PM

KarateKarate is a martial art that was developed in Okinawa prefecture in Japan, founded by Mr. Takahashi who has three Karate gyms here in Cebu, the Japanese Karate Association, which now have a number of Black Belt holders.
Aug 11 SAT at 2:30PM & Aug 12 SUN at 4:30PM

Song EventA Japan-Philippine Karaoke Competition
Aug 12 SUN at 3PM

Nihonbuyou (Japanese Traditional Dance)A solo dance presentation of an authentic Japanese Buyou dance.
Aug 11 SAT at 3PM

Yosakoi Battle (Japanese Festival Dance)“Yosakoi Battle”, is a dancing art which has spread widely in Japan and has become the main dance in most Japanese festivals. The dance originated in Kouchi city which is located in Shikoku island of Japan. During the event, the dance will be performed by a young local dance team.
Aug 11 SAT at 4PM

CosplayIntroduces how Filipinos Cosplay in the Philippines.
Aug 12 SUN at 2PM



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  1. Budyot / Jul 18 2012 3:03 AM

    ateh, do you have post for eiga sai? hehehe

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