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2012/06/14 / Gem R. Zhang

Sipping “Sikwate” at Tabléa Chocolate Café

Tableya, and Tableya Muffins… and isn’t that a local Hot chocolate or Sikwate if in our Native Cebuano tongue?
So where else could you find a Café selling everything of pure Native Chocolates?

It’s here at Tabléa Chocolate Café. For such a Tropical country(?) “Blended Ice” Chocolate drinks menu, and yes the all-time Filipino favorite local Hot Milk chocolate drinks are served here. So aside from these, if you want from pans to cupcakes… oh wait? these pastries are made from native chocolate as well!

Since Hersheys, Cadbury and, Swiss chocolates are already a handful… so how about some Home-made native dark chocolates? 😀

One Interesting story. When I first visited the shop, my first cup was “Sipping Dark Chocolate”. Also bought Sylvanas and because of a thought that Dark Chocolate goes well with Sylvanas… Since bitter and sweet are nice right? 🙂

So then I asked for the largest cup of “Sipping Dark Chocolate” at 75 Pesos. The smaller ones would only cost at 35 Pesos, this ones a great offer for those in budget.

But then I was a little bit surprised, that this 75 Peso chocolate drink serving was unexpectedly really really small (for me)… (o_O)

But then on a 2nd thought… I figured that the name alone stands… what would you expect from the word “Sipping”(!?). Lol… okay they win! But though the one that I thought to be a ‘monster drink’ turned ‘a shot drink’ was actually… unexpectedly… satisfyingly delicious! (worth paying the price!).

So Sipping all the way… Sip by sip… It was then that I’ve appreciated what a Dark Chocolate should definitely taste like… so true and pure chocolate goodness! ^^

Now here’s a Rarusu Chin Gem’s Original! Dunk in a Sylvana bite into your cup of Dark Chocolate… and wow! delicioso! definitely A must-try! haha 😉

Tabléa Chocolate Café
LOCATION: SM Cebu, Northwing 2/F behind Watsons Cebu City
CONTACT: +6332-512-6486


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