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2012/06/10 / Gem R. Zhang



daughter of a Kabuki actor. born in a traditional Buyou house. started a theater debut at 16. amazingly talented sophisticated independent woman. a versatile actress yet awes her audiences more in dramas and more splendid in Taiga dramas. i love her singing soothing ballads as her style of music are really relaxing.

simple Matsu Takako. but yet famous.. and not by because of what she wears or how she pleases the media. what she is what you got. she’s just comfortable about herself and that what makes her more interesting.

there was this one Japanese variety show that I saw where she was a special guest. yet she came as just like one of us. entered the set in shirt and jeans… says nothing much about herself but instead she was everybody’s friend there.

all throughout these years… from the day that I began to like her.. watched her.. the more she became successful, and professional she becomes. prettier and prettier even at her age now. I liked her more even until now.

Today is her birthday and this post is a special tribute for her. and a way of expressing on how special she is… and how she has been always been very special to me. undoubtly my own personal favorite isn’t it? know her and surely then you’ll understand what i mean.. 🙂

I’m always hoping of seeing her one day or even sing a duet with her is the most amazing dream that I have.

But I do hope that this post will soon reach her… with all my heart. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATSU TAKAKO.





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