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2012/06/07 / Gem R. Zhang

Teru Teru Bozu for the Rainy days~♪

Basically, if we refer unto a globe… Japan and the Philippines almost goes along with the same longitude while apparently way far differs in terms of latitude as the Philippines is located in the Tropical zone while Japan’s part of the Northern hemisphere.

I don’t claim myself as an expertise on geography or meteorology but am I do sure that Japan and the Philippines differs when it comes to Seasons.

Japan :
> Winter ; Japanese: Fuyu(冬)
> Summer ; Japanese: Natsu(夏)
> Spring ; Japanese: Haru(春)
> Autumn ; Japanese: Aki(秋)

Philippines :
> Rainy Season
> Dry Season

But one thing that you might not know about Japan yet… is the fact of also having its own Rainy Season. In Japan, it’s called “TSUYU” or “BAIU” (梅雨).

The story of the TSUYU 梅雨 Kanji…
is kanji for Plums while is a kanji for Rain. “Tsuyu (梅雨)” got its kanji from Plum and Rain because Plums blooms around just in time as the rainy season starts… hmm interesting! 😉
Read more about Plums here: Plums and Umi.

Photo credit to Alfie Goodrich

While the Philippines rainy season runs in months as it usually start in June, peak in from July to September, and lessens out when October comes…

Rainy season in Japan roughly goes around two weeks of heavy rain! But it doesn’t really rain that much constantly… but it goes the same with the rainy season here where we experience heavy pours of rain that occurs even unexpectedly that at anytime carry an umbrella or any rain gear with you. Japan rainy season also comes around June to August and depends on what area in Japan.

Japan rainy days customs…
One interesting thing that Japanese do on rainy days is that they hang cute “Teru teru bōzu” dolls / amulets on windows or trees as a way of wishing for good weather to come! 🙂

Teru teru bōzu (Japanese: 照る照る坊主、てるてる坊主; literally “shine shine monk”) is a little traditional hand-made doll made of white paper or cloth that Japanese farmers began hanging outside of their window by a string. In shape and construction they are essentially identical to ghost dolls, such as those made at Halloween. This amulet is supposed to have magical powers to bring good weather and to stop or prevent a rainy day. “Teru” is a Japanese verb which describes sunshine, and a ” bōzu ” is a Buddhist monk (compare the word bonze), or in modern slang, “bald-headed”; it is also a term of endearment for addressing little boys.(Wikipedia)

Gazing at the window with those heavy rain clouds again… better keep those umbrellas ready!

Yes rain could be a little hard sometimes but it will always be a part in the circle of life! So here’s something to cheer upon, “Teru teru bouzu” actually got a song to sing and almost every Japanese knows about this! Would it be fun if we sing along too? Well, here it is… 😀


Japanese Romaji English translation












Teru-teru-bōzu, teru bōzu

Ashita tenki ni shite o-kure
Itsuka no yume no sora no yō ni
Haretara kin no suzu ageyo

Teru-teru-bōzu, teru bōzu
Ashita tenki ni shite o-kure
Watashi no negai wo kiita nara
Amai o-sake wo tanto nomasho

Teru-teru-bōzu, teru bōzu
Ashita tenki ni shite o-kure
Moshi mo kumotte naitetara
Sonata no kubi wo chon to kiru zo

Teru-teru-bozu, teru bozu

Do make tomorrow a sunny day
Like the sky in a dream sometime
If it’s sunny I’ll give you a golden bell

Teru-teru-bozu, teru bozu
Do make tomorrow a sunny day
If you make my wish come true
We’ll drink lots of sweet rice wine

Teru-teru-bozu, teru bozu
Do make tomorrow a sunny day
But if it’s cloudy and you are crying (i.e. it’s raining)

Happy rainy days everyone~! ^^


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