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2012/05/16 / Gem R. Zhang

Korean Maehwa Tea: Popular in Japan & Enjoyed in Cebu


I always knew that Umeboshi… is a popular side-dish for the Japanese. They pair it most of the time with rice for breakfast or lunch. The Umeboshi is a pickled plum that tastes whether very sour or very salty. It comes from a fruit of a tree known as Plum Blossoms in English and Ume(梅) in Japanese.

On the other hand, Ume is known as Maehwa(매화) in Korea. I’ve learned about this when I visited Café Maru. (Café Maru is a Korean coffee shop located near the University of San Carlos – Talamban Campus. READ More INFO Here).

But I never thought that the Ume tree also had flowers… (o_O)

Photo by Juuyoh Tanaka

So Ume is more than just food but its also a tree of beautiful flowers as well! That it is as beautiful as the Sakura/Cherry Blossoms Tree. Before the Heian period, the Japanese considered this as the most beautiful! 😀

Now, these flowers of Ume or the flowers of the Maehwa are surprisingly served in a TEA at Café Maru 🙂

It is served warm in a beautifully made glass Tea pot. Through the glass you can see the actually Ume flowers / Maehwa Flowers inside the Tea pot! Indeed the flowers are beautiful and it is being imported from Korea 😀 The taste is not bitter and just the right blanch, and with the right amount of warmness is very soothing. (But just be careful not to drink including the flowers..XD)

It is also said that this tea is popular for its capability of dissolving fat from the body thus helps in losing weight. And like most other Teas its very good to the health 🙂

Maehwa Tea Price at 145 Peso
SHOP: Café Maru
ADDRESS:Gov. M. Cuenco St., Banilad, Cebu City
CONTACT NUMBER: 032-239-7909
BUSINESS HOURS: Weekdays at 10AM-12MN, Weekends at 10AM-1AM


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