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2012/05/08 / Gem R. Zhang

Japanese Milk Tea “AZUKI” at Sprockets Cafe

Azuki Milk Tea, one that I surely recommend. It is a Japanese inspired Milk Tea specialty by a new cafe in town, SPROCKETS!

AZUKI are Japanese red beans and is widely known in Japan for its good nutrition value. It is often used in Japanese confectioneries and sweets, and more popularly in Ice Creams! Azuki Milk Tea, as it is topped in with Azuki beans now made a much more healthier Milk Tea! And also a new way to experience Japan’s favorite, the Azuki beans. (Azuki Milk Tea price at 95 Peso for Tall, 105 Peso for Grande)

At the Cafe, there are actually more Milk Teas, Coffee-lovin, and goodies to munch on from their deliciously and healthy Menu~! So come and check it out yourself 😀


NAME: Sprockets Cafe
ADDRESS: J Block, Apitong St. cor Escario St., Cebu City
CONTACT: (+63)9228867477



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