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2012/04/18 / Gem R. Zhang

RE: “How Can You Make a Better Cebu?”


An article from entitled “How Can You Make A Better Cebu?” (publication date April 11, 2012) caught a great interest into writing this post. And I think its not too late for me to take a chance for a part in the move for it too.

A few days from now,  it’ll soon be a year since the day that I’ve become a writer for articles and posts in Japanese about Cebu news and information in a company that I’m currently working at. Our online publication caters to Japanese readers (and to include the Japanese society who are currently in Cebu) and so that even in Japan, Cebu eventually become widely heard of 🙂

I write CEBU

    • Events

    • Tourist spots

    • Cebu Dining

    • Hotels and Beaches

    • more…!!

And because of this writing job, day by day, gathering information online, reading blogs about Cebu from other bloggers as well, writing them down and publishing them… my eyes became more wide open to see what beauty Cebu have actually become!

CEBU… becoming more Modern yet rich in History! Embraces tourists and expanding Tourism Industry through promoting Heritage and Culture!

Gabii Sa Kabilin Heritage Project

Suroy Suroy Sugbo Promotion

Condos, IT/Economic zones, and more coffee shops expanding but yet always finds a way in promoting Green Renovations and Eco Tourism as well! Wow! And it made me become more in love and more interested with Cebu!

Cebu Green Homes

Aloguinsan River Eco-Cultural Tour

And because of so much interest for Cebu, recently just two months ago, that I’ve opened up this personal Blogsite that talks about my interests for Cebu 🙂

Blogging and online publications is actually a great tool for Cebu promotion and making a better Cebu!

So I’m truly grateful to writers especially to online Cebu article writers. You inspire me. You made a difference.

Here’s my chalk and support for “How Can You Make a Better Cebu?”


To fellow writers and bloggers… join me! 😀

Cebuanos should be encourage to share through blogging/writing about the interests in Cebu! It could be in your own blog or Facebook notes, Tweets, Instagrams or other social network sharing it may be. Talent in writing is not necessarily needed. Just share and talk a lot about Cebu! 😉

As for our company… KICSS♥CEBU!
And totally the reason why our company is based here than anywhere else in the country.

And as a way to help make Cebu better, with months of hard work, our company recently finished a Cebu Promotion video! Our company’s own little way of help making Cebu better. The video encourages Japanese to make Cebu a choice of destination for their English study in the Philippines! From Cebu’s best diving spots, beaches, island hopping fun and activities! And including the best ESL Institutions! See how our video showcases reasons why CEBU should be their TOP CHOICE!

Indeed it’s More FUN in CEBU Philippines! (^-^)

So if you have Japanese friends or acquaintances who are planning to come to Cebu, you may share the video so to encourage them to make CEBU their destination!

Make a difference! 🙂


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  1. Jenny / Apr 20 2012 12:27 PM

    This is such a great campaign! Kudos to you and your company 😉 I just do not understand the video. LOL

    by the way, thanks for dropping in my blog . ❤

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