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2012/04/10 / Gem R. Zhang

Japan Event: Cherry Blossom Viewing 2012 ”日本の花見スケジュール”

Japan spring is here at last!

Spring time usually around the first week of April and is one of the most awaited seasons for most Japanese because of such events such as Cherry blossom / Sakura viewing, or also popularly known as “Hanami 花見” in Japanese, and the start of school / work in Japan.

During “Hanami”, Japanese sit around under the Cherry blossoms trees singing, having picnics, and dancing! Considered as a moment of sharing and bonding for most Japanese.

Then probably at this season is also Japan’s peak of high tourist visits!
So for those who are planning on a trip to Japan this month well here’s a share reference on the best times of viewing for Cherry blossoms. Schedules depends on which part you are in Japan.

Photo credit to I♥

Here are the details for the Cherry Blossom Forecast 2012 as of March 27, 2012…

According to the current forecasts, the cherry blossoms are expected to open a few days delayed in 2012. The blossoms started opening in Kochi on March 22, in Miyazaki and Shizuoka on March 24, in Kumamoto on March 25, in Kagoshima and Nagasaki on March 26 and in Fukuoka on March 27, and are forecast to start opening across wide areas of Kyushu, Shikoku and Honshu by early April before reaching full bloom about a week later.

Below are the forecast dates of cherry trees opening their blossoms this year (according to the Japan Weather Association; except Yoshino) and the estimated best viewing periods (estimated by Rain, wind, and temperatures can have a strong effect on the process of the season, for example, they can delay or shorten it considerably. You may use the forecasts for reference.

Location Opening Estimated Best Viewing
Tokyo March 31 April 6 to 15
Kyoto April 1 April 7 to 16
Kagoshima March 26 April 4 to 13
Kumamoto March 25 April 2 to 11
Fukuoka March 27 April 4 to 13
Hiroshima March 31 April 7 to 15
Osaka April 1 April 8 to 16
Nara April 2 April 8 to 16
Yoshino April 6 April 11 to 23
Nagoya March 30 April 6 to 14
Yokohama April 1 April 7 to 14
Kanazawa April 8 April 14 to 21
Matsumoto April 11 April 16 to 23
Sendai April 15 April 20 to 27
Kakunodat April 25 April 29 to May 6
Hirosaki April 24 April 29 to May 7
Hakodate May 3 May 6 to 13
Sapporo May 4 May 7 to 14


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  1. why do they never show Niigata on those cherry blossom schedules? Takata Castle is one of the nicest places to see cherry blossoms in Japan

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