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2012/04/04 / Gem R. Zhang

Banri Noodle House 萬里ヌドールハウス

A Ramen! / Noodle-specialty shop in Banilad, Cebu City.
And also known for its Home-made Tofu!

It’s BANRI Noodle House.

It’s actually owned by a Japanese national who was a Ramen noodle specialist for about 40 years in Tokyo Japan! Since
1998 that the shop opened, and since then it has been known for at its best until now. So even if you’re not in Japan or you don’t even have to go there if you want Ramen because you can just simply come here and experience a taste of an authentic Japanese Ramen!

And even the ambiance of the restaurant itself already will give you that Japanese style fine dining because of the design of the place.

One thing special about this Ramen place is that, in order for them to achieve the quality of an authentic Japanese cuisine, it is said that they use the finest marine products and ingredients imported from Japan! 😀


メニュー 一例 MENU
おにぎり ONIGIRI 300 Peso
うなぎ柳川 UNAGI YANAGAWA 320 Peso
ポークしょうが焼 PORK GINGER YAKI 270 Peso
味噌ラーメン(ハーフサイズ) MISO RAMEN (half size) 160 Peso
シーフードラーメン SEAFOOD RAMEN 300 Peso

冷やし中華 Chilled Chinese Noodles250 Peso
天ぷら巻き Tempura Maki220 Peso

予算(お一人) BUDGET per person 250 Peso

営業時間 Business hours: 10:30am-2:00pm ; 5:30am-10:00pm
連絡先クロスロード支店 Crossroads Branch Contact: (32) 234-0788
連絡先マクタン支店 Mactan Branch (beside SSS) Contact: (32) 341-3720



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