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2012/04/03 / Gem R. Zhang

Speaking of Cosplay… コスプレについて…

Cosplay events nowadays seemed like to be spreadin’ like wildfire! There has been at least 2~3 Cosplay events in Cebu every month since last year. Clearly that the Cosplay industry in Cebu is booming and Cosplay events are becoming a lot better, event by event. That even in sponsorship and events organizing, from plain simple organizing started by small cosplay groups… but at these times, more partnership with companies and big time businesses here are taking part of the Cosplay scenes. More Cosplayers participants are increasing in numbers as well. The Cosplay Society has become well known already in the community as it continues in becoming part of our Cebu Modern Culture today.

Well here’s the good news.. in order to keep track updates on Cebu Cosplay events and as I’m also expecting for more Cosplay events to come, I’ve OPEN up a Special Page for it at my NEW Photoblog Site! Wow Hooray~! 😀

I introduce you the newly opened COSPLAY EVENTS Page @ RarusuChin♥Kamera of
It’s where you will witness a window for Cebu Cosplay Events Photo Portfolio!
To visit, CLICK HERE.
Or copy & paste this URL:コスプレ/

So how do Cebu Cosplay events go? And what does this makes it interesting for most Cebuanos nowadays?

Here’s a sneak peak on my photos from a recent Cosplay event, as to illustrate what is in…

a Cebu Cosplay Scene 🙂

Name: HOME RADIO 106.7: The 2nd Cosplay Competition
Venue: J Centre Mall
When: March 31, 2012 Saturday 6PM-8PM
Theme: None

Like most Cosplay events, it always starts with a march on the ” Grand Ramp” for each Cosplayers!

After introducing themselves to the guests are enjoyable Skits!

And yes there are also dancing and signing! This depends on the Cosplayers on how they can present the character they’re portraying… creatively.

Now here are some interesting behind-the-curtains photos… 😀

Here’s showcasing some of my favorite Portraits 🙂

Actually at Cosplay events.. not only you enjoy Cosplays but there are also other activities such as games, booths, and special presentation numbers! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the scenes. Awaiting more Cosplay events to come! 😉

For more photos VISIT Facebook Page:

But wait there’s MORE!(?)

I’ve just attended a Cosplay event last weekend and then immediately after it ended I’ve received a news again of an Upcoming Cosplay event!

and this event is the…

First! Cebu Cosplay Ball and Awards Night~!

It will be the night, where we celebrate the art we all enjoy. You become the character, the character becomes you.. and thus begins the magic that continues to captivate your audience young and old alike.

This event is dedicated to all Cebu Cosplayers.There will be NO Cosplay Competition, rather we will be awarding the individuals or groups who have contributed greately to the world of cosplay. Nominees are hand-picked by a group of “Supporters of Cosplay”, outstanding individuals who know the cosplay community but not necesarily cosplayers themselves. The community will also take a part in voting for their favorite nominees throughout the month of April.

There will be games, raffles, and a whole lot of surPrizes for all attendees. Not only that, but a Buffet Dinner awaits for you at the table. There will be an auction of cosplay items and goods from famous cosplayers. The proceeds of the auction will be put to good use and go to charity. Cosplayers does not only flare but also care, so be ready to give and gain in return. So put on your Best Ball outfit and be ready to party!

For More INFO, Visit POST: (Details on Tickets Availability and Reservation is posted here)

So everyone, all set now for a whole new adventure with me of Cosplay events hopping here at JAPAN♥CEBU! Keep updated! 😉


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