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2012/03/27 / Gem R. Zhang

Kameyaki Okonomiyaki Restaurant 亀焼お好み焼レストラン

Okonomiyaki, considered as one of Japan’s popular kind of a fry or grilled pancake delicacy. A pancake delicacy battered with egg, stuffed mostly of cabbages and vegetables, and various toppings. Okonomiyaki is varies depending on the area in Japan. Known widely in the Kansai area of Japan, and Tokyo also have their own kind of Okonomiyaki!

Finally from this month, Okonomiyaki is now made available in our own city! Cebu’s first ever Okonomiyaki specialty shop, Kameyaki Okonomiyaki now offering Tokyo’s finest Okonomiyaki to Cebuanos. A delightful news especially to those who favors on Asian and Japanese flavours, as we will again discover another of Japan’s treasured recipe from centuries.

Managed by Japanese and Filipinos, cooking spearheaded by Mr. Kameyama, once started a class for cooking Japanese dishes “Kamekichi Cooking Class”, and one of the lessons was how to prepare an Okonomiyaki. From that and from the love of cooking and especially that if only they could share the irresistibility of an Okonomiyaki, Cebuanos also would surely find it irresistible. So the group worked together to bring out only the finest Okonomiyaki recipe not only through their classes, but opened a shop so non-cooking food lovers can enjoy!

The restaurants chefs are great Japanese language speakers. To Nihongo learners, while waiting for that order, it would be a good time to practice on your Nihongo skills with the friendly chefs~! 😀

The Okonomiyaki almost similar with takoyaki, BUT as I tasted it from its sauce, the spices mixed, those fresh vegetables, the fullness of the meat toppings, and ohh the cheese… softly paired with the firm texture of the pan, freshly fried, the scent and flavor… delicious and especially at its best when it’s still steaming hot! Oh that every bite brought me to where the Izakaya is.

Best-seller "KAMEYAKI". A special made recipe by Mr. Kameyama. Clearly the name itself is from 'Kame' of Mr. Kameyama and 'Yaki' that meant grilled in english!

Hey, there’s no need to wait for that next flight to Japan… Okonomiyaki is now near and within the city! Make your visit today and feel Japan just near you at the Kameyaki Okonomiyaki Restaurant. 🙂


Modanyaki モダン焼 150 Peso

Kameyaki 亀焼 170 Peso

Yakisoba 焼きそば 90 Peso

Okonomiyaki お好み焼き 120 Peso

Additional Toppings 20 Peso each of the following: Pork, Squid, Egg, Garlic and Cheese

Japanese Toppings 10 Peso each of the following: Bonito flakes, Red Pickled Ginger

Drinks prices ranges from 25~50 Pesos


NAME: Kameyaki Okonomiyaki Restaurant 亀焼お好焼レストラン

STORE HOURS: 4PM~11PM (closes on Thursdays)

LOCATION: Plaza Elesia, Talamban, Cebu City

CONTACT: 0926-690-1503





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  1. MeLovesRed / Apr 1 2012 1:51 AM

    looks Yummy and Oishiiiiiiii 😀


  1. Kameyaki | iAmbidextrous

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