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2012/03/25 / Gem R. Zhang

Da Rae Won Korean Shabu-Shabu Buffet

Now here’s a bunch of people: a Japanese boss who’s a meat lover and his Chinese wife who’s craving for sea shells, a co-worker who’s got a sweet tongue, a friend who’s allergic to sea food, a new co-worker who just love to try something new, and me who’s crazy for noodles… a group of people of different preferences but with a common desire for a sumptuous lunch. The solution?… an Eat-all-you-can B-U-F-F-E-T.

Now let me introduce to you a buffet specialty restaurant in Cebu which somehow catered that group with happy tongues and a full stomach at the end… Da Rae Won a Shabu Shabu Restaurant.

Shabu-shabu is a Japanese hot pot dish. At restaurants, it is basically serve with a boiling hot pot on a burner placed in the middle of the table. Tender and paper-thin sliced beef as the main ingredient is prepared, along with other ingredients (leaf vegetables, broccoli etc), seafood fresh ingredients can also be added as well. And in the boiling pot, you freely add all this ingredients that suits your taste and “swish swish” that ladle like a magic wand and in minutes its cooked and ready to munch! “Swish swish” really it was! As this is also how Shabu-shabu really meant… the “Swish swish”.

But as a Shabu-shabu buffet restaurant, you can prepare your own Shabu-shabu recipe at your own preference without even to worry about on how many shrimps you would like to put in! 😀

Here they’ve prepared various of vegetables that you can add up to your Shabu-shabu pot from squash to cauliflowers, and enjoy seafood from sea shells to squids, and they also have Korean fish paste and squid balls as what most kids like me love 😀

As for my seafood allergic friend, it is good that the pot have a divider, non-seafood at the right and seafoods at the left. Really good especially for a group that comes with different taste preferences! 😀

Shabu-shabu, a Japanese inspired dish served mainly in a Korean restaurant? Hmm wait, actually we don’t end there yet… there’s more! For sure avid Korean drama fans would surely be delighted and recognizes this… Korean Black noodles (or how it is popularly called in Korean dramas as Jajangmyeon) and its all-you-can-eat! Not enough? They also have this uniquely Korean sauce flavored (sweet but full of spices) spagetti~!

Plus, ice cream always goes great after a meal… and especially if its Korean… Yum! Might be even better than Magnum Lol. Or try a cold Korean Rice wine… hmm refreshing~! 😀 But it’s not included in the buffet package though hehe so better prepare a special budget for that 😉

So whether it’s going to be a Graduation blowout, a company lunch meeting, a plan for a birthday celebration… Bring the whole group and find out what taste they probably going to like!

Explore those taste buds and discover the natural flavors that you can achieve with your own specially prepared Shabu-shabu pot.

NAME: Da Rae Won Shabu Shabu Buffet
LOCATION: AS Fortuna, Ouano Compound, Banilad, Cebu (at the back of a car wash next to BDO)
BUSINESS HOURS: 11AM~3PM(Lunch Buffet),
5PM~11PM (Dinner Buffet)
CONTACT NO.: 238-7787
RATES: Lunch Buffet 350 Peso per Head, Dinner Buffet 400 Peso per Head




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  1. allaroundbacolod / Mar 25 2012 5:18 PM

    It looks like a great buffet and I would like to try it.

  2. Rea / Aug 18 2012 1:21 PM

    OH! I want to try eating here… 🙂
    It is cheap and there are a lot of seafoods~ I love sea foods~
    thank you so much for your review…, anyway, have you been to The Bada?

  3. Le Fabulist / Aug 24 2012 4:22 AM

    Thanks for your detailed review. Definitely will visit the place!

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