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2012/03/14 / Gem R. Zhang

White day and Origami day… TODAY!

I think everyone who’s online today would have also noticed…

the Google logo today…

Google + Origami = Googami

It is Google in an Origami form! 😀 But anyone wondering why… (?_?)

At first I thought that today is just all about “White day“… which is an occasion celebrated in Japan, where men give cookies or other confectioneries as presents to girlfriends, lovers, wives and to girls whom they’ve receive from during Valentines day.

And not only I thought today as White day… (this might be an out-of-JAPAN♥CEBU-topic) but… today is also a World Pi day!(Click for info here)

Happy World PI(e) day! (

Now thanks to Google… I’ve just learned that today is also… what I self-called as the… Origami day! As an another great occasion now-that-we’ve-all-come-know that Japanese (and also non-natives who loves Japanese culture as me) could be celebrating these occasions today in Japan!  😀

Origami day” (as I so-called it…) actually what Google is trying to say about today is actually all about the Birthday of Akira Yoshizawa(吉澤章). He who was an origamist and the grandmaster of the Origami Art!

Origami day… what I would want to call it because if it hadn’t because of Yoshizawa’s birthday today… then there wouldn’t have been any Origami at all… All thanks to Yoshizawa’s “birth” date… today! 😀

And SO the grand-master! father of Origami! Akira Yoshizawa-san! was born on a White day(!?) Interesting… I would have loved to be born on a world-celebrated-special-ocassion day too! :p

So March 14, in Japan, is White day and Akira Yoshizawa of Origami Art’s Birthday!

As for other Japan’s special Seasons and Occasions, will be chatting it down here soon in this blog. Keep Updated!

Note: Though here in Cebu and even for the whole Philippine country, White day is not really celebrated. But Valentines day, yes surely Filipinos do! But… I’m hoping someday White day will eventually become a trend here in our place or might as well start practicing White day among with my Nihongo learning colleagues! So how about it guys? hehe 😀 But anyway, to everyone…

Happy White day and Origami day! 🙂



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  1. xinechan / Mar 14 2012 9:08 AM

    woooo cool! where is my chocolate? o.O

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