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2012/03/12 / Gem R. Zhang

2012 March~April Cebu Pot Promo! @Kagura Japanese Restaurant 日本食店・神楽セブ

Cebu Pot Magazine is a free magazine of Cebu promotions, information, and a sort of a guide manual intended for Japanese guests staying here in Cebu. Written all in Japanese language but in the magazine there are actually a lot of good promos that also Filipinos and Cebuanos can avail and enjoy!

And since that I can read Japanese, so now I’m writing down a pre-loved chosen promotion that I found. And I love to share this to everyone so that non-Japanese will also get to avail and enjoy! 😀

Now here’s a good promo that I found out for March-April 2012 issue!

Kagura Restuarant offers a Special Lunch Promo!

牛丼 Gyuudon
親子丼 Oyakodon
中華丼 Chuukadon
チキンカツどん Chicken Katsudon
カツ丼 Katsudon

at 110 Peso!

NOTE: Promo availability from Monday-Friday 11PM-2PM only.

Kagura is one of the well-known Japanese Restaurant in Cebu, for Japanese even it is considered as one of the best! With pride that in this restaurant, for so long they have maintained not just good service and good food but has also well kept its traditional Japanese ambiance of the restaurant.

Japanese in ambiance through their authentic Japanese cuisine, and their restaurant is well designed to meet the standards of an authentic Japanese restaurant. That unlike any other Japanese restaurants in Cebu, the guest gets to sit on the floor like how a traditional Japanese restaurant would be. But also to meet the needs of  those who would prefer for tables and chairs, they also provide for that. And they also have neat private rooms for business meetings or any private social affairs.

And for over 300 mouth-watering dishes prepared on their Menu from different sets of sushi, sashimi, bento, and everything that you might want to expect and wanted for a Japanese dish might just have been all here waiting for those taste-buds to satisfy and stomachs to full! 😀

Name: 神楽 (Japanese Restaurant KAGURA)

Address:  A.S. Fortuna Street, Mandaue City, Cebu

Contact no.: 032-346-0088


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