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2012/03/08 / Gem R. Zhang

Sukiyaki & Cozy Hour Experience


For someone’s working 2 cities away from home…
and for someone who’s planning on a trip a few hours later after work…
for SOMEONE AS ME, who at one time planned for
a Whale Shark watching trip to Oslob(SEE INFO HERE).

SO I’ve decided to spend my few hours staying in the city than having the bother of an hour and 30 minute drive back home.

I was off from work at 6PM, appointment for the Oslob trip at 3am…
AND how did I spend my remaining 9 hours of (excitingly) waiting time? 😀

1st STOP: shopped an hour for groceries in preparation for the trip…

And for the next stops…

I’ve indulged myself with a delightful Sukiyaki late-night dinner and a Cozy hour stay at a Japanese Hotel! 🙂

2ND STOP: SUKIYAKI at Hannya Japanese Restaurant!

Hannya Japanese Restaurant is a restaurant in a Japanese inspired hotel in Cebu, Hotel Asia. The Sukiyaki set here consist of: A. the Sukiyaki pot as the main dish, B. a bowl of rice, C. vegetables and fruits for the side dishes, D. and a bowl of fresh raw egg for the dip!

Before the meal was served, a hot towel to refresh the hands(a must), an appetizer, and a nice cup of hot tea were served first.

the Fun part while waiting for the main course…
is that you can actually have fun doing this to your appetizer! What do you think of my own culinary design? XD



Sukiyaki is a Japanese hot pot dish of thinly sliced beef, jelly-like noodles (that seemed similar to our native noodles “Bihon”), leafy vegetables such as cabbages, tofu (my favorite!), and some other ingredients. It is simmered in soy sauce, sugar, mirin/sake(a Japanese rice wine), and other ingredients added for flavor.

Most Japanese people, before they eat their Sukiyaki, the fresh egg is beaten, and then they dip the Sukiyaki in the beaten egg.

While some take up the whole beaten egg and mixed it in the Sukiyaki bowl along with the other ingredients.

As for me, I tried dipping in my Sukiyaki with the beaten egg. It’s my first time of this kind of dish(a fresh egg in a bowl separately served for the dip)… very unusual for me to eat on a raw egg! But it made the Sukiyaki soft, with milky-like taste, and it was surprisingly delicious! 😀

And while I was enjoying my dinner, I also had fun watching Japanese dramas on TV. As for people who loved Japanese food, learning Japanese language, in an almost perfectly close-enough of Japanese ambience, and everything Japanese(!..!!) will enjoy and find it beneficial for experience on Japanese style of dining and learning as well.

Sukiyaki is a popular one-pot meal which is usually cooked at the table as you eat. The word “yaki” means “sautee” or “grill” in Japanese. The word is used because meat is sauteed in the hot skillet. The main ingredient in sukiyaki is usually beef which is thinly sliced. Meat slices and ingredients are simmered in soy sauce based soup. In different regions of Japan, sukiyaki is cooked differently.(

Well that’s how my 2 hours all well spent! Here at the Hannya Japanese Restaurant. And what it was surely a delightful dinner! And the Sukiyaki set is only for 270 pesos! 😀 Hannya Japanese Restuarant(the menu and more info here)  is located inside Hotel Asia and its Open 24 hours!

Now, I went out of the restaurant with a heavy tummy 30 minutes before midnight… ugghh yeah.. it was really an handful of dinner that I pictured out myself as Winnie the Pooh bear(was pooh really a bear?) who just had a whole honey comb for himself for a meal…(O.O)

So full (heavy,) and sleepy.. but 3 hours more to go before that big trip! 😀 It was a good thing that Hannya restaurant is located inside the hotel premises. The interesting part about the hotel, is that you can actually avail the “Cozy Hour” service!

3RD STOP: a Cozy hour rest at Hotel Asia

“Cozy Hour” is a hotel accommodation service at Hotel Asia where guests can avail a 3-hour of hotel room usage.

Along with the same hotel accommodation service and amenities of a regular room rate (room utility, Hot & Cold shower, Cable TV, free internet “Wi-fi” usage, refrigerator usage etc) and the only difference is that the stay is short and you pay for its worth.

Comes in great convenience for people who wants to take a short nap in a busy-busy city… or dropping by for a quick relax, watching TV, taking a Hot shower, or anything you want to do or you can possible do in a hotel.

“Cozy Hour” for me is like taking a luxuriously comfortable way of taking a short break while in the city.

Like for instance in my case, while waiting for that early morning appointment, I availed the service to take a short nap, sort and prepare some things for the trip, chilled my liquid groceries(specifically chilling my coffee on-the-go drink!), enjoyed watching music videos on TV, took a hot bath… and hola! I was an all-refreshed me and all-ready for the trip! It was really convenient for me as a traveler! 😀

I actually got the info about “Cozy Hour” from the Cebu Pot magazine on it’s advertisement page. Written in Japanese since the magazine is intended for Japanese readers… it was a good thing that I can also read Japanese though(thanks to the effort on so much study…), a good thing because I can read out some promos or services that I can find from the Japanese magazine and that I can share this to everyone so that non-Japanese will also get to avail this kind of service! 🙂

IMPORTANT NOTE: When I availed for Cozy Hour service at the reception desk, the Staff was clueless about it. I noted that I got the information from the magazine. Still clueless, until I read it out loud in Japanese…[and note that “Cozy Hour” is read as “Ko-ji- Awa-” in Japanese(just in case for clueless hotel staffs as this)]. I almost got into a fight! Finally, the staff got confirmation from the Admin office and there! The costumer is always right! :p I don’t know why the staff was clueless about it… but be careful! 😉

“Cozy Hour” is good for 2 persons at a rate of 400 peso! Can be availed anytime of the day. Hmm.. Was the rate really worth it? or am I just too luxurious to spend so much just for waiting(!)? Haha Well nope.. for me, as a Traveler, it was worth it!! 😀

Trivia: “Hotel Asia is the only hotel in the Philippines offering Hi-tech Japanese toilet!”

NAME: HOTEL ASIA CEBU / Hannya Japanese Restaurant
ADDRESS: #11 Don Jose Avila St., Capitol Site, Cebu City
CONTACT NUMBER: 032-255-8536

Still ain’t COZY enough?



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