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2012/03/01 / Gem R. Zhang

I’ve been Featured in this Month’s Newspaper!・私が月刊のセブ島通信ペーパーに出た!



An article about the 10th Cebu Japanese Speech Contest

have been featured for this month in a Cebu Communication paper

by the Japanese Association of Cebu, Inc.


And so is my “Street Walking” manuscript in which I won First Place in the speech contest also came out!


I’m so surprised and very happy!! 😀

オーポン部門の第1位のRosario Ochoさんも出ましたよ!(^-^)/
Open Division 1st Place winner Ms. Rosario Ocho also featured!



But wait… there’s more!
Finally, I’ve uploaded a video on my speech during
the Cebu Japanese Speech Contest! Enjoy!
…what do you think?hehe 🙂


“Street Walking” speech English Translation SEE HERE!




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  1. Estrella / Mar 1 2012 9:48 AM

    gurl ok rjud kaau bcn dd2 ka naminusan k2ng cge ka ug upo sa mike?,.ehehe,.taas mn gud keu ka gurl,.nya ang mike pwa sa mugbo,..ehehe awh,.xaon,.nice jpon kaau gurl,.i’m so proud of u,.pa2dlo yaq u huh?

  2. Estrella / Mar 1 2012 9:57 AM

    ,..ehehe xori gurl i can’t read japanese,.hehe pixs. ra aqng,.:'(

    • ラルス珍・RarusuChin / Mar 8 2012 2:07 AM

      hehe okay ra gurl… thank you kaayo ni appreciate pa jud tawon ka tan-aw ani hehe thanks kaayo… hehe kaw jud… ^^

  3. MeLovesRed / Mar 4 2012 10:57 AM

    OH mY God!!! 😀 Omedeto nee-chan ! 😀 i’m so proud of you,,, :)) i want to be your tutor in Nihongo.. well i’m having a hard time in writing Nihongo…

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