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2012/02/29 / Gem R. Zhang

Leap-year Women’s Proposal trend in Cebu・セブ女性が恋愛告白するトレンドのはじまりかな!?

Today is February 29. What comes to your mind about today’s date?

In every 4 years, there’s this only one “February 29”. And this year we got an extra day. And as what most of us call it…a Leap year.

“A leap year is a year in which an extra day is added to the calendar in order to synchronize it with the seasons. Since the tropical year is 365.242190 days long, a leap year must be added roughly once every four years (four times the fractional day gives  ). In a leap year, the extra day (known as a leap day) is added at the end of February, giving it 29 instead of the usual 28 days.”(

Based from the movie “Leap Year(2010)” starred by Amy Adams and Matthew Goode, Amy Adams (as “Anna Brady” in the movie) travelled to Dublin, Ireland to propose to her boyfriend on a Leap year’s February 29. Because according to an Irish tradition, a man who receives a marriage proposal on that day must accept it. The movie portrays a tradition that on February 29, women can propose to the man they love. It is really an unusual thing for me, since that it is a common tradition/culture in most countries, like what we practice here in the Philippines, that it is always the men who makes the first move to women, such as in confessions of love, or proposal for marriages.

But in some other countries that I know such as Japan and Korea, it is okay in their country that even if it’s the women who confess first about their love to the men especially on Valentine’s day.

Photo credits to

“Then Japan, 1958, women were very reserved and there was not much chance to confess their love to men. The former president wanted Japanese women to become more positive to their love. Thus, he made a promo word “Once a year, declaration of love from women to men” on a Valentine’s day.”(

It’s a tradition especially in Japan. But as for the women here in our country, it’s embarrassing. Most women here just wait for the men to confess their love to them.

But tonight, here in Cebu at the J Centre Mall, as it Celebrates 366 days, there will be a Leap-year Fireworks display event! Where romance and proposals as the highlight… the event goes with the tagline…

“Hey Ladies in Love! This is your chance! J Centre Mall will make it more romantic for you as you propose to your boyfriends! After all they say that leap year is the best year to propose to your man.”

Photo by Samuli Ikäheimo

Event:  Celebrating 366’s Days: A Leap-Year Fireworks Display
Where: J Centre Mall, A.S. Fortuna Street Bakilid, Mandaue City, Cebu
When:  February 29, 2012
Time:  7PM


I’ve not yet noticed this kind of event before here in Cebu but this might have been AT ITS FIRST! Interesting! Women’s proposals… could this be the start of a new trend? Ladies, would you go for that proposal? Or confessions of love it may be? 😀

As for me, I AM SHY. Especially when expressing about my feelings. But I think today’s a good chance for shy girls as me. So here goes my confession from my heart, writing it here out loud…




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  1. xinechan / Feb 29 2012 9:08 AM

    mag propose nako ui~

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