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2012/02/22 / Gem R. Zhang

MUSIC UNITES THE WORLD: UUU project Cs of JAPAN & Cebu Symphony Orchestra of PHILS

A FREE Orchestral Concert Series for the benefit of children in Cebu. The concert series runs from February 15-21, 2012. Presented in cooperation of the Cebu Symphony Orchestra of the Philippines and the UUU project Cs of Japan.

(to read about the concert in Ayala…CLICK HERE)

Cebu Symphony Orchestra

CEBU CLASSIC ORCHESTRA was quietly formed in March 2011 by a group of Cebu-based classical musicians. Most of them were formerly members of the Cebu Youth Symphony Orchestra (CYSO) and Peace Philharmonic Philippines (PPP).  While the others are second generation musicians trained by original members of the CYSO and PPP. It envisions that Cebu will eventually find its place on the world’s cultural map. Through its performances in different venues and social events in Cebu community, it hopes to revive the popularity and appreciation for classical music.

UUU project Cs

UUU, which stands for its slogan MUSIC “U”NITES THE “W”ORLD, has been established on October 2011. There are 15 instrumentalists gathered to this project. All the players are students from colleges or universities all over Japan. UUU primarily aims to provide a chance to get familiar to classical music for children, and to be engaged in music-related volunteer works cooperation with CSO or other organizations. Started its official practices on November 2011, this concert series would be its first at the same time last performance.



Violin 1

  1. Reynaldo Abellana
  2. Ace Ponce Toring
  3. Rodelio Glodove
  4. Eng. Maricel Manus
  5. Paul Gilbert Ramos
  6. Angeli Josinett Si
  7. Amira Axelle Miel
  8. Jacinth Faith Potolin
  9. Analyn Matidios
  10. Melissa Cipres

Violin 2

  1. Francis Balo
  2. Norwena Belocura
  3. Daniel Angelo Go
  4. Jennifer Angelo Go
  5. Marie Vic Brionesd
  6. Marie Yntel Beltran
  7. Jarome Nakila
  8. Jason Beltran
  9. Cesar Adrian Cabahug
  10. Francino Delima


  1. Nigell Abarquez
  2. Ervin Kyle Osmena
  3. Kazuo Uehara
  4. Clive Cane
  5. Arthur John Dale Yap
  6. Krismagnum Ibaos


  1. Lliwillyn Patalinjug
  2. Maria Doris Malaque
  3. Sophia Geroy
  4. Roger Warner Ylaya

Double Bass

  1. Christopher Manus
  2. Virgelio Ylaya
  3. Norman Glodove
  4. Jarome Rezaba



  1. Chihiro Sugita
  2. Hiromi Inui
  3. Kaori Koyama


  1. Yuka Sugihara
  2. Nino James Banares


  1. Akihide Noguchi
  2. Saki Kanenobu


  1. Magno Aquino
  2. Christopher Tero


  1. Mitsuba Katayama
  2. Ayano Toshima
  3. Nao Kiyooka


French Horn

  1. Basilio Sable


  1. Yurie Ikeuchi
  2. Reydon Encinares


  1. Nanako Hoshino
  2. Rihiro Miura


  1. Sachika Suzuki


  1. Kanae Yoshida
  2. Simon Cereno
  3. Reuben Julian Alfafara
  4. Joel Cruz


  1. Roberto Del Rosario
  2. Nanako Hoshino


Volunteer Coordination

  1. Hiroko Samantha Memida
  2. Shinya Matsuura


  1. Ryohei Matake
  2. Hiroaki Tanaka


  1. Masami Michiyama


  1. Naila Beltran
  2. Rey Abellana
  3. Yentel Beltran

Project Executives:

From UUU

  • Akihide Noguchi (Project Leader, Chuo University 4)
  • Nanako Hoshino (Music Trainer, Kunitachi College of Music 4)
  • Nao Kiyooka (General Manager, Chuo University 1)

From Cebu Symphony Orchestra (CSO)

  • Rey Abellana (CSO Principal)
  • Naila Beltran (CSO Business Manager)

It was really an awesome performance!

A big thanks and A job well done to everyone!


A message from the UUU “A Wish”

Music has a magical power to change life. We strongly believe that introduction of music education for every child is essential to build a sound society. Experience of orchestral ensemble can bring a sense of cooperation, self-esteem and aesthetic satisfaction to any children regardless of their socio/economic background, sex, age, or any else. Furthermore, kids even learn the importance of compliance and teamwork.
Hope our concerts would be the beginning part of the prosperous history of CEBU as a CITY OF ARTs which offers plenty of opportunities for the people to get engaged in art-activity. May the good relationship between Japanese and Filipino musicians last for good…

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