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2012/02/20 / Gem R. Zhang

Cebu Native Fresh Milk and Freshly made Ice Cream at Molave Milk Station・フレッシュアイスクリーム屋さん「モラヴェ・ミルク・ステーション」

A way of enjoying Ice Cream(!!). And No.. this is not from Jollibee.. Its from Molave Milk Station! This may look like an ordinary ice cream but once you have tasted it… gives you the feeling of that rich fresh milk! So soft and sweet. And it is actually made of milk.. fresh from the farm! And just the below the shop you can see the actual farm. And you can see those cows and other animals eating on fresh grass! (O_O) Well anyway… This ice cream also gave me the feeling of happiness especially this was eaten together with my family and relatives. I was so happy that it warms my heart and it also warmed my hands that it made the ice cream melts right away!

This shop is located at Barangay Dakit, Barili, Cebu Island, Philippines! The shop can be easily seen along side the highway on the way to Moalboal (which is a town south of Cebu and is known for its rich diving spots).

At this shop, not only that they sell ice cream but they also have other FRESH! dairy products that you can also enjoy… such as goat’s milk, native goat cheese(this is my own personal favorite!). And also some Filipino native dishes that goes great with your ice cream dessert. So if ever you’re planning a trip somewhere south of Cebu(the ones on the way to Dumanhug or Moalboal route…NOTE that there are two route going to the south). Please please drop by here… (it could be for a lunch or chillax..ehehe) I assure you its really worth indulging a great experience of fresh fresh ice cream…enjoy! 😀

Sample MENU!
Coconut Bar(PHP25)
Pan de Sal Tuna(PHP20)
Banana Chips(PHP12)
Chicken Adobo(PHP25)
Pork Barbeque(PHP22)
Recommendations: Fresh milk Ice Cream (PHP15), Fresh Milk (PHP25)
Budget per person 80 Pesos

For more pictures refer HERE.

セブ島南部のバリリ地区にある乳製品専門店「Molave Milk Station(モラヴェ・ミルク・ステーション)」です。



店(員)のお薦め フレシュミルクアイスクリーム(15ペソ)、フレシュミルク(25ペソ)
予算(お一人) 80ペソ~


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