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2012/02/15 / Gem R. Zhang

PLACES & “Tell me where you are” in Japanese Language 場所単語及び”どこ?”の勉強に行こう~!

This time, let us practice how to say in Japanese “Where are you?” and its corresponding Response.

Question:doko desu ka(where are you?)

Response:(certain place) desu  (I’m at____)

Note: point at image to see English meaning for each specified Place



shoppingu mo-ru

  Q: doko desu ka.
A: gakkou desu.
  Q: doko desu ka.
A: shoppingu mo-ru desu.



 Q: doko desu ka.
A: heya desu.
 Q: doko desu ka.
A: jimusho desu.



 Q: doko desu ka.
A: kouen desu.
 Q: doko desu ka.
A: resutoran desu.

Now we can use the same way as well for some other places that are stated below here.
Let us try to practice on them! Ask and Response!
This can be practiced way better with a friend along.







Easy isn’t it? Plus, if you can memorize all these places in Japanese, it would be so much better isn’t? Have fun and do your best! Try and practice these phrases with your friends as well! 😀

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  1. iambidextrous / Feb 16 2012 2:34 AM

    Wow! I am sooo impressed! I want to have a formal education in Nihonggo within this year.. and pass the JLPT exams too! 🙂

    • ラルス珍・RarusuChin / Feb 16 2012 2:38 AM

      yes you should go for it! with determination surely you will! what level are you planning to take? how’s your study? 🙂

      • iambidextrous / Feb 16 2012 2:31 PM

        ahmmm. the lowest level pa! hihih! i think mao na ang level 4? or 5? i really hope! i’m sooo envious sa imong level!! 😀 i think u should go to japan! or you have gone there nah? ^^

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