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2012/02/09 / Gem R. Zhang

Home-Made Chocolates for V-day!・ バレンタイン手作りチョコレート等セブ島でも出来るよ!

Valentines is too soon already!

Valentines as what we’ve all know as a day for couples or lovers to go on a date…(hmm…) and according to Wikipedia it can also be a day for lovers’ confessions and vows are usually being made for one another! 本当に?:p

However in Japan, valentines is celebrated in a unique way. It is on this day that Japanese girls gives chocolates to guys that they like! 🙂 And as for those guys who have received on Valentines day will also have to give something in exchange on “White Day” which is a month after… the 14th of March! This is how they do it in Japan! Interesting…

So how about making some home-made chocolates for that special someone? 😀

That’s why here I am now as I’m going to recommend to you a shop for that!

Caro&Marie Store

At a baking needs specialty shop “Caro & Marie“, from cake decors, chocolate molders, baking tools and ingredients, and all that you could ever need in baking and confectionery making… probably you can find it all here! This shop is located in APM Mall which is right beside SM City Mall Cebu. So if you’re thinking of preparing a special home-made chocolate for that special someone as a Valentine gift right now, please do try to take a look at this shop and you’ll be surprised as I am! (You may contact this store at 032-268-2728/032-233-4553)

Below are some pictures of the chocolates that I made for sale when I was still in my college years. And it surely did selling at its best! XD What do you think of my own creations? (^_^)





ですから、「カロアンドマリ(Caro & Marie)」の製菓用品専門店をお勧めいたします~♪







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  1. Marcela Minoza / Feb 9 2012 7:53 AM

    sore wa iina….koibito ni agetai……Nihon no valentines no totte,nihon no josei wa koibito ni chokoreeto o ageru to omotte,Firipin dewa hantai desune…sono yori …kareshii ni agetaiiiiiiiiii…..

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