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2012/02/09 / Gem R. Zhang

Anime Rocks: Sweet Graffiti Cosplay Event! アニメロックズ:スウィート・グラフィティ(コスプレイベント)



At the University of Southern Philippines(USPF) Lahug, Cebu City, another Cosplay event is about to be witnessed this Saturday February 11, 2012 at 12:30PM-4PM. Celebrating with the theme of Anime Rocks: Sweet Graffiti! In this event will be Cosplay Contests, Cosplay Fashion, Drawing Contest, Hobbies and Collections Booth exhibits and much more! Entrance Fee is 20peso each person. But as for USPF students, they get 50% off!

Wow! So let’s come and enjoy~! 😀

Here are some photos that I took during an “Otaku Fest” Cosplay Event that happened recently at the University of the Philippines Campus.

2月11日(土)12:30~16:00時セブ市にある南フィリピン大学(University of Southern Philippines)のキャンパス内で「Anime Rocks: Sweet Graffiti (アニメロックズ:スウィート・グラフィティ)」と呼ばれるコスプレ・イベントが開催されます。このイベントではコスプレコンテストの他に、ドローイングコンテスト、コスプレファッションショーも開催されるそうです。


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  1. MeLovesRed / Feb 9 2012 10:01 AM

    hi sis/ 😀 sure thing. i already link you 🙂 ahm yah i really love nihongo 😀

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