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2012/02/08 / Gem R. Zhang

Valentine Special: A Modern Love Poem


(Poems dedicated to everyone.. in love or not… heart broken or moving on…)

My Hidden Love


I need someone to call
When I’m feelin’ blue
I need someone to love
Who’s like you
I need someone now
Yes it’s true
I really need someone
And it’s You!

I want to see again
The stars in your eyes
Just to forget
Any million cries
Let me hear again
The beat of your hear
Although I know
You love me Not!

Stay with me
Just even as friend
Stay with me
Until the end
I pray to God
Who sits above
To let you feel

My Hidden Love!!!

Chemistry Crush…


It started when our eyes met
I think some kind of reaction exist
A chemical change occurs
That changes the composition of my heart

When you smiled at me one time
I think I’m going to melt
Just like solid to liquid
Hope this feeling won’t evaporate

I spent endless night
wondering if there might be any concepts
That may give explanation
To this crazy thing I felt

Every hypothesis I tried
Every experiment I made
Just let me derive to one conclusion
That you’re my crush
if you don’t know

Just like atom I think
some kind of chemistry involved
That makes me so attracted to You
I hope you feel the same way too!!


my Inspiration for Happiness... Dad & Mom

I found these POEM compositions from my student’s notes(a student whom I also considered as one of my good friends).
This was written secretly on her notebook which I assigned for the class that time.

This notes.. SPECIAL this will always be, as it will be a special memoir of the past.
A TREASURE this will be, not just a note… but this composition is a POEM!
In this poem, were the feelings she had for someone, and are sealed to last.

Each of us have our own similar story,
a story about someone we like or love.
Unexplainable, they come to you, without any notice.

At times… we laugh, we write, we cry… write it all away, and moving on.

Today, is now. Now is a chance.
To live life to the fullest, without any regret.

But its not bad to look back again, from the time we had.
Written in a poem, back to those moments, written to last.

Admit it, you may not.
But we actually never regreted the feelings we had.
That poem was still there in our hearts.

As a special memoir, and a mentor… for us to be strong again.

Either that it may be happy or sad…
but those feelings we had are… just disguised.
Disguised as a blessing that comes to you, in a surprise!

A SURPRISE of the BEST things to come! 🙂

Before… we did laughed, wrote about it, and cried.

But NOW, I opened my eyes and wiped it from a blur,

and this composition was done!

This will also be a poem that I will seal to last.

A poem to everyone…

about don’t be scared.

…when it comes to liking or loving someone.

even though with the feeling that you might never have… 😦

But I’ll also seal it in this simple composition I’ve written now..

That at this moment now, are the best feelings that I have! (^__^)



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  1. Jessica / Feb 8 2012 10:00 AM

    You made a beautiful poem! :]

    • ラルス珍・RarusuChin / Feb 8 2012 10:14 AM

      thank you. but the poems “My Hidden Love” and “Chemistry Crush” were composed by my student and friend. but the composition below.. the one’s at the last part (sort of a conclusion) is mine 🙂

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