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2012/02/02 / Gem R. Zhang

PRACTICE#1: Beginners’ Instant Doses of Nihongo!

This is a follow-up post for the “Beginners’ Instant Doses of Nihongo!” lesson!

Haven’t started the Lesson yet? CLICK HERE!

Now for those who have read and mastered the previous lesson,

why don’t you try this Exercise given here.

Just simply answer the appropriate greeting/expression given in a certain situation.

Easy isn’t it? Gambatte kudasai(Please do your best)! 😀

Send in your answers to EMAIL and I would gladly check it for you and help you with your answers!
I’ll be waiting~! (^_^)/

Please specify BLOG POST TITLE as the SUBJECT when sending an Email.
Onegai shimasu(Please do so)! Arigatou gozaimasu(Thank you)! 😀



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  1. budyot / Feb 6 2012 10:25 AM

    [bold]so cool so cute doodles[bold]… hahaha -___-.. so far… I cant really give a guess for number 4 huhuhu…im thinking its same for number 5..but i guess its different…is it okey to say “ja ashita mata ne” in number 4? im thinking of something else, but I think it really didn’t match…well I’ll give a visit to your previous tutorials…

    • ラルス珍・RarusuChin / Feb 8 2012 3:33 AM

      yes you’re right mn. it just that simply “ja mata ashita ne” or “ja ne!” for cases in a workplace or at school. the one’s at number 5 is home environment so its a bit different since you’ll be coming back at the end of the day… you say “itte kimasu” then “itte rassahi” for the response 🙂

  2. Kameyaki Okonomiyaki Cebu / Apr 13 2012 12:30 AM

    Great blog! Informative, simple & fun!

    • ラルス珍・RarusuChin / Apr 18 2012 1:25 AM

      thank you so much Kameyaki and company.. care to visit anytime! keep in touch! and more power to your group! 🙂

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