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2012/02/02 / Gem R. Zhang

セブ日本語弁論大会(感想) Cebu Japanese Speech Contest 2012 (My Impression)

“Conducted by the Japan Foundation Manila Office, together with the Japanese Association of Cebu…
a Japanese Speech Contest will be held at SM City Mall of Cebu City on the 28th of January.This event happens every year and for this year it is as its 10th year already here in Cebu!In this event, Filipino students, and professionals show off their Japanese language skills through this speaking engagement activity.”
(posted as an event-2012/1/25)

In this a sort of diary-like. Scribbles on things that had happened during the 1oth Cebu Japanese Speech Contest… Because I HONESTLY don’t know how to blog a post-Event! (>_<) So for now… setting it aside as a project(of MUST learn), and here I’ll just layout out these pictures instead and let it do all the talking! Lol 😀 Be prepared for a long post of pictures! XD

Oh wait, I do have some chit-chat, my impressions etc… yeah As usual, most events starts with a National Anthem. The unusual is… here you’ll get to participate both the Philippines and the Japanese National Anthem! Hmm although its my 4th time attending this event, I was not able to notice this before. (And that maybe because I was always late hehe).

And now off we go and let the pictures tell how it went! 🙂

the EMCEES. the male Emcee is one of our organization's Super Sayan Level1! hoping to also become one someday

the World's most Beautiful Emcee! she one of my best girlfriends! and beside her is ME! lol

a fellow co-worker! she is always very yasashii to me...

our organization's Captain(over there!) also helping out!

the judges

the Captain of the JAC

and then Presenting…

the Student Division 1st Placer Ms. Juliefer Solmayor with the speech entitled "Danger Zone"

Open Division 1st Place Winner Ms. Rosario Ocho from NEC Phil. with the speech entitled "Hitting Two Birds with One Stone"

and RarusuChin as herself(actually me! lol) with the speech entitled "Street Walking".

After the presentation of each divisions, there were Intermission numbers. But this one’s clearly my favorite :p
Awesome Performance guys~! 😀

from my Alma Mater...Proud Carolinians! sang a famous Japanese ballad entitled "Mirai E". its also one of my favorite songs!

and probably their Nihongo instructor was also my previous teacher as well. coz' he was there and whom that I secretly had a crush with Lol

and then Unexpectedly… a COSPLAY Presentation! yay! (^-^)/

plus Anime songs singing~♪
super yay~! \(^-^)/
These Cosplayers were all proud students of CIT(Cebu Institute of Technology), a university in Cebu which is known for its finest IT graduates. And also presenting… the Never Ending Weekend. the name of their band. a co-participant once told me that they’re widely heard of! really!? its my first time… but yet i do find the girl very very familiar to me. I think I’ve seen her on Cosplay events. I know her face hehe yeah I admit that I suck in remembering band names. But I have a lot of songs that I like but failed to know the artist. I only know AKFG, Do as Infinity, Orange Range, and Spitz! and mostly of all… the lovely Ms. Matsu Takako♥(ops! out of topic hehe) 😀

a Special Presentation by Ms. Kuroda. Demonstrated to us the art of Japanese Dance. Specifically the Tooto-shishi Dance and the Fuji-musume Dance.

“FUJI MUSUME is a dance of unrequited love; the Wisteria Maiden recalls the promises of an unfaithful lover. YASUNA is a court astrologer who goes mad with grief after his betrothed commits suicide when caught up in a court intrigue. SAGI MUSUME, is also a story of unrequited love. The heron is transformed as a maiden who remembers her tragically unfulfilled longings through dance.” I found this information online. No wonder that the music of this dance was kinda tragic 😦 but anyway, the dance was so good and all of the emotions was there. I felt like in a real live Kabuki theater! 🙂

She's a professional. She even delivered quite a good explanation about the dance. I want to see more of these soon...! (^__^)


the Awarding Ceremonies…
finally I know what it felt like to be a Beauty Queen on stage hehe :p

Before the awarding were some comments handed out to each participant. I was a little dismayed because the speaker commented only a “line” about my speech! While others were like in paragraphs!? (O.O) and the comment was like..スピーチは面白くて良かったです(なんとか…) which means “I’m glad that the speech was interesting” or something like that… So it did a little freak me out! Was my speech not that good enough? (@_@)

But all glory to HIM… I DIT IT..!! \(^-^)/

My impression about the event is that all the contestants were really really good! Upon seeing them on how they delivered their speech so well… it made me became more challenged! Because of the challenge, I gave out all my very best! (and I think that I over did it! Lol) Because of them, I got inspired to achieve how they performed as well, so really I was amazed by their level of performance. I may have won but actually all of them are all WINNERS! I’m thankful to everyone who participated, and to everyone who supported me…my family, friends, people of ANTV, co-workers, my previous Nihongo mentors were also there.. and to all of my new fans! hello there~! hehe 😀

But above all, that I’m most thankful of, is to my Papa above. I do practiced a lot, I’ve walked around in malls blabbering on my piece! XD BUT yet its truly and only Him that who gave me the guts through the Spirit. (sorrry for the cheezy stuff but this is true… just let this be my testimony 🙂 )

Moreover, joining this speech contest (win or not), is really a good thing for me. I learned a lot. Evaluated myself on how far my Nihongo skills is now. And most of all it was really a great experience! (and became an opportunity for me for an another blog post haha) Yokatta desu~! (^-^)/

I’ll be uploading a video of the speech soon. Keep updated~! 😀

Photo credits to BRUCEお疲れ様です!

UPDATED(March 2, 2012):

But wait… there’s more!
Finally, I’ve uploaded a video on my speech during
the Cebu Japanese Speech Contest! Enjoy!
…what do you think?hehe 🙂


“Street Walking” speech English Translation SEE HERE!



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  1. Estrella / Feb 2 2012 9:33 AM

    ,..oh,.my god gurl,..i’m so proud of u,..keep it up,..^^,..<3

    • rarusuchin / Feb 3 2012 11:57 PM

      wow thank you gurl… ni visit jud ka ngari… hehe balik2x nya hah.. hehe do your best also at school! im also proud of you too… friend nga kita! 🙂

  2. treasuredforever / Feb 9 2012 4:44 AM

    LOL, you were in dismay because the speaker gave a little complement and the others got paragraphs; that you didn’t know that the reasons why they were given paragraphs were because the speaker had to pinpoint some mistakes to be taken care of. We all know that all great things in the world are hardly said or spoken and that makes it clear and concise.

    You said it yourself you have a hidden crush on your teacher, I guess that teacher of yours is now proud of you and I bet he is making some show offs now that you’ve been under him and that you made that far. I bet he will be making you as a model to all the Carolinian students under him.

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