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2012/01/31 / Gem R. Zhang

亀吉料理教室・Kamekichi Japanese Cooking Class

セブ市マボロにあるラーメン亀吉主催の「亀吉料理教室」のご案内です。毎月一回、楽しく簡単に自分達で日本料理を作って味わえるクッキング クラスが開催さ れています。日本人インストラクター「亀山さん」が、美味しい作り方を伝授してくれます! 日本人はもちろん、日本料理に興味があるフィリピン人まで多数 の方が参加しています。異国の地で、現地の人たちと手作りの日本食を堪能してみては?



One of Cebu’s finest Ramen is known in this popular Ramen Specialty Japanese Restuarant “Ramen Kamekichi Restaurant“. Once a month, (usually on a Sunday at 2PM-5PM) this restaurant opens its doors to avid cooking fans(especially to Japanese cuisine lovers) for a fun and easy-to-learn Japanese cooking lessons! A native Japanese Chef “Mr. Kameyama” well be leading the class, and surely each participant would enjoy authentic Japanese cooking even here in Cebu! And of course, there are also other Japanese natives that participates in this class as well. As for those who are learning Nihongo, isn’t it like learning Cooking and Nihongo at the same time? So why don’t you give cooking a try too… and JOIN! 🙂

For upcoming class schedules, will be updated monthly here at JAPAN♥CEBU! Follow now and Keep updated! 🙂



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