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2012/01/28 / Gem R. Zhang

フィリピン・セブ市語学勉強会のお知らせ:NIHONGO Group Study








Every last Wednesday of the month(schedule may subject to change) at 6PM~8PM at IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City, a Japanese language study group called “BENKYOUKAI” is held at  NEC Telecom Software Cebu Office(which is also a well known company in Japan). Japanese and Filipinos that shares interests in language and culture gathers here.

The group study program is supported by the Japan Foundation Manila Office and organized by the Association of Nihongo Teachers Visayas (ANTV).

In this group study, there are discussions that could be handled by a Filipino instructor, and lectures that are also handled by representatives from the Japan Foundation Manila Office. There are also games and such other activities to participate in.

Filipinos, not only in English, but especially in this group study there are many Filipinos that are currently studying Japanese language. So for the case of Japanese who wants to learn English. And also for Filipinos who wants to improve their Japanese language skills. So Language Exchange and interaction here is really a good opportunity.

Moreover, in this group study, RarusuChin is a regular participant. And she is the group’s treasurer/officer. So if ever you have any questions or for more details, you may also contact here. So why don’t you come and join us? 🙂

Updates on Topics to discuss for the next BENKYOUKAI will be updated monthly here at JAPAN♥CEBU! Follow now and Keep updated! 🙂




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