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2012/01/27 / Gem R. Zhang

ストリートウォーキング: It’s English Translation

This is the English Translation for RarusuChin’s speech piece for
the Japanese Language Speech Contest.
Original composition written in Japanese language
can be viewed in this post HERE→スピーチの変更記録(2)

TITLE: Street Walking

I love walking!

I usually go for a walk twice in a week, with the distance that goes about 2 hours.

Walking, mostly refers as a way of attaining good health, enjoying sceneries along the way, and such.

When Filipinos goes for a walk, they preferably go to parks, shopping malls, and etc., but as for me I prefer walking on a sidewalk of the streets.

For me, this kind of street sidewalk walking is called “Street Walking”.

Street Walking is widely practiced even in Japan and it is known for how it can do well to their health. But as for Filipinos, Street Walking is unusual to them. I think because Filipinos are always relying on transport facilities to take them to where they want to go. For example, even for a 5 minute walk distance from a work place, Filipinos tend to ride a jeepney right away. Though Jeepneys are very convenient, for me, I would still prefer to walk because it would really make us healthy!

There are actually a lot of interesting and various things to talk about with Street Walking. So now I will talk about my experience in Street Walking.

……(short pause)

I was walking on a street, called Colon Street, early morning the other day. Colon Street is known by the locals for its old history and it’s located in the downtown area, and it’s also considered as the busiest street in Cebu! Moreover, along the streets of Colon, there are a lot of small stores and this makes the street path smaller. There are instances that you bump into people, shoulder to shoulder. As noon comes, the streets become more crowded, but that time that I went for a walk, it was still early, so the stores were still mostly closed and the streets was nearly empty. And this was the kind of place that I was walking on.

Ah! It was bad!

There was a theft looking man headed at my way!

In this case, what would you do? If we’re not careful, it could be dangerous.

So I put my head up high, made myself looked lively, and my heart was set to a hyper mode. It’s because thieves are said to attack mostly on victims that looks weak, so then if I look more lively and stood up straight, then thefts would definitely think twice before they would dare to come and approach me! And more importantly, if we walk faster, our heart circulation runs faster. So even in this kind of situation, we’re exercised, and isn’t it good to our bodies?


Eh!? Oh no…! That theft looking guy was now headed straight right at me! So then I immediately took a turn at the next corner, to get some time, and prepared for my defense, and I thought of things that I must do! At this moment, if that guy passes me by… then it’s no longer a problem. But if he also turns at the same corner to where you at, then be cautious.

Ah…. That was close… That guy went passed right ahead of me! Oh… That moment that it almost got me!

Such things as these, every day we discover and see. We may encounter a whole lot of different situations that in way, walking becomes enjoyable, isn’t it?

So what about you? You should also definitely give it a try!

In this thing I call… Street Walking.


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