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2012/01/26 / Gem R. Zhang



YOGORINO®… Italia’s No#1 Yogurt! Originated from Italy and recently operating about 200 shops spread out around the world. It’s widely known that they even have a store that is also operating in Tokyo, Japan.

A Cool-Blue color themed inspired shop

Isn't the ambiance of Cool Blue soothing?


In this shop, basically when you order a cup of yogurt, you can choose your own toppings for the yogurt according to your own preference. And there are 12 different toppings to choose from! Such as blue berries, pineapple, mango, nuts, cookies, chocolate chips, and more much to choose from that you will surely enjoy~! 😀

The choices for the fruit toppings~!

from cookies, nuts and more toppings to enjoy~♥

このお店のナプキンには「functional food」と書かれていて、ヨゴリーノの「functional food」としての詳細が記載されています。「functional food」とは日本語で「機能性食品」の意味になります。ヨーグルトは「機能性食品」にあたり、ヨーグルトジェラートはデザートでありながら体に良いとされる食品です。

One interesting thing about the shop is that, their table napkin have “functional food” written on it. Probably, in a way they could express how yogurt is truly “functional” in a way. As from the fact that its known for its rich nutrients, and its really good for our healthy diet♪

She prepared my yogurt

Choices of syrup

住所 ADDRESS: 3rd Level, SM City Mall, Cebu City
不定休 午前10時~午前9時 →Everyday at 10AM-9MN


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