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2012/01/25 / Gem R. Zhang

Japanese Speech Contest 2012・セブ日本語弁論大会

Japanese Speech Contest will be held at SM City Mall, Cebu



Conducted by the Japan Foundation Manila Office, together with the Japanese Association of Cebu…
a Japanese Speech Contest will be held at SM City Mall of Cebu City on the 28th of January.This event happens every year and for this year it is as its 10th year already here in Cebu!In this event, Filipino students, and professionals show off their Japanese language skills through this speaking engagement activity.

And since this an event that involves Japanese language, invite your friends and people of with the same interests to definitely come and see!

Moreover, JAPAN♥CEBU’s Ms. RarusuChin(me!) will be one of the participants in this contest. It would really be an honor and to be appreciated so…. much if you can come and support me. I’m looking forward to your coming!♥ (^_^)

January 28, 2012 Saturday at 2PM-5PM

Conference Hall Room AB,  SM City Mall, Cebu City



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